Guided Tour

Getting Started

The Getting Started section provides options to choose from for beginners to learn the GPS Tracking platform. It has options such as Quick Start Guide, Complete Manual, and Real World Applications and explains them in further detail.

Complete Manual

The Complete Manual section provides a comprehensive manual that explains the entire platform in great detail. It explains every button, functionality, position, and has step-by-step picture instructions included with information boxes.

Real World Applications

The Real World Applications section provides step-by-step instructions that explains the financial and customer support aspect of the platform. It helps the user learn how to efficiently and effectively use the platform to their advantage. In addition explaining how to setup and implement features regarding this aspect of the platform.


The F.A.Q. section provides questions with answers and detailed explanations to solve user-related issues or curious questions. It explains the secrets and less-visible functionalities of the platform and clarifies the solution. Also answering commonly asked questions from users and providing tricks/tips for the platform.


The Support section provides help and contact information for users to reach when lost and seeking help for the functionalities within the platform. Including reporting a bug, hardware-related questions, and other installation instructions.


The Suggestion section provides recommendations and offering help to increase success and profitability from using the platform by giving you an advantage with exclusive information. Suggestions are included from all aspects of the platform.


The News section provides the latest information about the platform, newsletters, and other information regarding status updates.