How To Reset A Unit

If you notice that unit has not updated its location for a period of time e.g. 1-2 days and it has not sent a “Heartbeat”. There are a few things that you can do to diagnose the problem.

1. First verify that the last event displayed is not a “Battery Disconnect” Battery_Disconnect This will ensure that the device has not been disconnected. A battery disconnect can happen when a plugin unit ( OBD2) is simply unplugged or the vehicle battery has been disconnected. This can happen during a service of the vehicle.

2. Some times the GPS Tracking hardware fails to get a GPS fix which will cause it to report the incorrect position or the same position over and over. This will happen when a vehicle is parked in a garage, underground parking or in between two tall buildings.  As soon as the vehicle moves it will update its position. You can identify a unit that is not getting a GPS fix when it displays “Last Known”.

last known


3. Try doing an immediate update on the unit by clicking on the icon in the map and selecting “Get Current Position”.

immediate update

You will then see that it is updating:

updating shortly

If it was successful you will see and updated event that says ” Heartbeat” and the position status says “current”.


current position


4. If it does not report a position status “Current” here are the steps to manually reset the unit. Click on “Settings”.







then select “Calamp”


then select the unit you would like to “Reset”




Then select the “Unit Reset” command





Then click on ” Send”


This will take approximately 2 minute to reset the unit. If it is successful you should see up to date information.

current position

If this does not remedy the problem please speak to your Technical Representative.